Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised Funds are one of the most flexible funds at the Foundation.  Donors can make grant recommendations to charitable organizations from their fund and also have the ability to pass their fund to future generations.  Donor Advised Funds can be established by individuals, families, companies or by the rollover from a private foundation.

Donor Advised Fund Guidelines
Donor Recommendation Form

Current Donor Advised Funds

James R. Allen Family Fund
Applequist Family Fund
Mark & Becky Augustine Fund
Ted & Almita Augustine Fund
Robert W. Baldwin Family Fund
Mark & Jane Berkley Family Fund
Mike Berkley Fund
Robert B. & Lila A. Berkley Fund
Rose & Elton Bloomberg Fund
Dick & Joyce Brown Fund
Kim E. & Conee Brown Fund
Buyse Family Donor Advised Fund
Davidson Family Fund
John & Deborah Divine Fund
Linda L. Ellison Fund
Exline Employee Charitable Fund
Flaherty Family Fund
George & Jeanne Frisbie Fund
Helen L. Graves Fund
H&B Enterprises Fund
Leon K. & Judy Hannebaum Fund
Ted & Doris Harder Fund
Tom & Maggie Hemmer Fund
Joan Jerkovich Fund
Harry J. & Ann Lee Jett Fund
The KASA Companies, Inc. Charitable Fund
Kelling-Tomlinson Fund
Jeff & Paula Knox Family Fund  
Robert B. & Debra A. Korbelik Fund
Kummer Family Fund
Frieda J. Mai Fund
Maurice & Gladys Olson McDonald Fund
Peggy & Bill Medina Family Fund
Mark L. & Julie Sager Miller Fund
Pete & Rita Peterson Fund*
J. Milton Pilcher Fund
Rauchholz Family Fund
Sid & Susy Reitz Fund*
Dick & Toni Renfro Fund*
Steve Ryan Fund*
Bob & Linda Salem Fund*
Salina Police Department Excellence Fund*
Darwin L. & Delma M. Sampson Fund
David E. & Linda L. Smith Fund
Keith & Gloria Snow Fund
Charles E. Stevens, Jr. Fund
Robert & Connie Stewart Fund *
Lawrence & Anna Streit Family Fund
Karl & Connie Stutterheim Fund
Col. Delbert Townsend Fund
Larry & Millie Triplett Fund
John K. Vanier Family Fund
Charles W. Walker Fund
George & Margaret Yarnevich Fund*
Norm & Kristy Yenkey Fund
Lee E. & Christine Young Fund


*These funds are temporary/non-endowed funds.

Legacy of Giving

Charles Stevens created a donor advised fund through his estate that allows his family to continue his legacy of giving.

Among other things, the Stevens fund provided the grant that purchased a new helicopter for the aviation program at Kansas State University at Salina.