GSCF Marketing Department Request Form

Click here to submit a project request.

Whether it’s a Facebook post, printed flyer or yard sign, we want to produce marketing and communications that will help you achieve your organizational goals! Our goal as a department is to partner with you to
create professional marketing materials that convey your message and inspire action. The Marketing Project Request Form is a tool to help us all work together to achieve this goal effectively and efficiently.

“Planning Successful Marketing” Worksheet – download this PDF with tips and questions to ask yourself/your team as you plan your project.

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What is the request form for?

  • Use this form to request any marketing project/service outside of what is provided standard in the Affiliate Marketing Services Plan.
  • Submit ONE form per event/cause/campaign.
  • GSCF Marketing will contact you within seven (7) days about your request.

When should I submit my request?

  • It is recommended that you start discussing and planning your project at least 60 days before you need the finished product.
  • We recommend submitting a project request at least 30 days before you need the finished product.
  • If you don’t yet have answers to all of the required* questions on the request form, you need to do some more planning.
  • We’re happy to help you through this process! Just email us your questions or to schedule a phone call!
  • Time-sensitive website updates or Facebook posts will be considered and prioritized as our schedule allows.