Supporting Salina Through Match Madness

What’s Important

When Peter and Sara Johnston stepped into Blue Skye Brewery and Eats for GSCF’s annual Match Madness event, they knew they were going to contribute to their church and to Salina Child Care Association. While there, they discovered that Circles of the Heartland, a program that helps families transition out of poverty, was also on the list of charities.

“We hadn’t thought of supporting Circles because maybe we hadn’t been asked,” Sara said, “but we know they do great things.”

So, the Johnstons added Circles to their philanthropy along with several other local nonprofit organizations. “We like living in Salina, so we like supporting things that improve the quality of life in Salina,” Peter said. “Sometimes that means volunteer time, sometimes that means dollars.”

Match Madness is an annual one-day opportunity for donors to make their money go further by contributing to the endowment funds of one or more nonprofit organizations. The Foundation holds a fund specifically for the annual event and private donors add to the match pool. This means that endowment donations like the Johnstons’ are matched — this year by 30% — from the pool and donated as cash to the individual charities. Instead of making separate donations, Match Madness offers donors efficiency as well as reach. “It’s easy. There are lots of organizations to choose from. You write your check all in one stop,” Sara said.

“This process helped us figure out what was important to us,” Peter said. “You learn to chip in in a town like Salina. We’re just one of those who chip in.”

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