Community Health Grants

School MarathonsThrough a generous grant from the Kansas Health Foundation, GSCF has worked to offer grants that encouraged physical activity and improved nutrition for the betterment of community health.  GSCF has permanent endowed funds to support community health initiatives.

Community Health Grant funding is available for applications received July 1 to April 25.

All applicants will need to fill out a grant application form through our online grant system.  Click on “Apply Here,” on the right to get started.  Access code “GSCF” will be needed to apply to GSCF grants.  Click here to review our Grant Guidelines.

Community Health Impact

In 2009 GSCF helped to create the Nutrition and Physical Activity Coalition, made up of representatives from a variety of community agencies.  The coalition looks for ways to improve public health.  GSCF has provided funding for administrative support for the coalition in partnership with the YMCA.  GSCF is also the fiscal agent for additional grants from the Kansas Health Foundation supporting the work of the coalition.

In 2010, GSCF awarded a $108,000 grant to the City of Salina to extend the city’s hiking and biking trail along the levee.  The grant funded the next three phases of the city’s hiking/biking trail system on the levee, providing 90% of the funding for the trail expansion project.  Trails were completed from Crawford Street to Cloud Street in year one, and from Bill Burke Park to North Street in years two and three.  Work included removing existing vegetation from the top of the levee and laying 4” of limestone aggregate.

From 2011 to 2014, GSCF offered noncompetitive grants to all Salina elementary schools to host a school marathon. A school marathon is a structured event for students to run or walk distances that add up to a marathon, 26.2 miles, over a period of 5-6 weeks. The school marathon was developed by Salinan Dana Kossow when she had children at Meadowlark Elementary School.  The GSCF grants have enabled the marathons to extend to every Salina grade school.  In addition to the more than 3,400 students that benefit from the marathons, in a given year, more than 875 family members and school faculty also participate .