How to Become an Affiliate

From the beginning, the Greater Salina Community Foundation has been committed to working with area communities to promote philanthropy and endowment. Through our affiliate program, GSCF partners with rural counties in central Kansas to create community foundations. GSCF provides the platform and technical assistance; local boards of directors work with their donors and make grant decisions. All affiliates share the GSCF 501(c)(3) statusĀ and are part of the same corporate entity. GSCF employs two affiliate coordinators that work with our twelve regional affiliate foundations.

If your community or county is interested in starting a community foundation and you wish to explore affiliating with the Greater Salina Community Foundation, first contact our executive director, Bill Grevas. Together, Bill and an affiliate coordinator will answer questions and help you determine if being an affiliate is right for your community. If so, we will guide your group through the affiliation application process.

The process includes information on available social and financial capital needed to create a community foundation in your area. If your application is approved, one of our affiliate coordinators will work with your community to implement a development plan that includes recruiting a local board of directors and running a successful Founding Donor Campaign. Throughout the process, GSCF staff will provide technical assistance services including board development, donor development, marketing & communications, and endowment campaign planning. These services will also continue once you have achieved affiliate status.

For more information, contact our office at 785-823-1800 and ask for Bill Grevas or one of our affiliate coordinators.

Frequently asked Questions

What if I have an existing foundation and want to become a GSCF Affiliate?

Existing community foundations may wish to affiliate with the Greater Salina Community Foundation (GSCF). These existing foundations must agree to adhere to GSCF policies and guidelines. All affiliates share the GSCF 501(c)(3) status and are part of the same corporate entity. Existing foundations may be asked to let their separate 501(c)(3) status lapse. In addition, existing foundations may be required to divest themselves of some assets or reallocate investments in order to adhere to GSCF policies.

Existing foundations must follow the same procedures as new foundations in order to become an affiliate. The process may be faster or even immediate, depending on the governance structure and assets the existing foundation brings in. The Greater Salina Community Foundation reserves the right to refuse the request of an existing foundation to become an affiliate.

Is there an alternative to becoming an Affiliate?

A community may work with the Greater Salina Community Foundation to promote local philanthropy without becoming an affiliate by establishing a Community Fund. This is a general purpose endowed fund that meets the minimum fund requirements (currently $25,000 for a Field of Interest Fund).

A community fund provides annual grants to support charitable programs and projects in a defined geographic location. A local advisory committee reviews and recommends grants with assistance from the Foundation. GSCF staff is available to provide technical assistance and training during the start-up phase regarding guidelines, legal requirements, and endowment campaign planning. Aside from financial and administrative support, such as investment management, check writing, and regular financial reports, Community Funds are not staffed by GSCF on an on-going basis.