L.P. “Pat” Mullen

A self-taught engineer and inventor, L.P. “Pat” Mullen’s legacy continues through his fund that supports youth education in Arts and Humanities, and Science, Technology and Invention.

In 2007 the Greater Salina Community Foundation was the recipient of the L.P. “Pat” Mullen estate. He was a life-long Salina native who valued innovation and education. According to his wishes, the Foundation established a field of interest fund to create grants for the education of youth in the areas of arts and humanities, technology, invention and science.

Grants from this fund will meet the following criteria:

  • Grants will be available for youth high school age and younger.
  • Grants will be used for the advancement or the enhancement of an existing program or for a new program.
  • Grants should encourage hands-on learning opportunities
  • Grant applicants will be encouraged to look for opportunities to leverage grant dollars through partnerships or matching funds.
  • Grants are only available for charitable organizations or projects within Saline County.
  • Grant applications may request a multi-year grant for up to three years.
  • Grants will not be awarded for “bricks and mortar” but can be used to buy capital equipment as a part of an ongoing or new program.

All applicants will need to complete a grant application form through our online grant system.  Click on “Apply for a Grant,” on the right to get started.  Use access code “GSCF” to apply for Greater Salina Community Foundation Grants.

Click here to review additional Grant Guidelines.