Our Future is a Legacy: Bill Grevas

Remembering Bill Grevas (1961 – 2017)

The new Bill Grevas Memorial Scholarship will assist students at Sacred Heart Jr./Sr. High School.

“Giddy up.”

That’s how Bill Grevas was known for ending staff meetings at the Greater Salina Community Foundation.

The phrase is a true reflection of Bill’s philosophy in life, which was to work hard at everything and have fun in the process.

Never one to shy away from a new challenge, Bill served in many different roles throughout his career, including executive director of Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Salina, the first development officer at Sacred Heart Jr./Sr. High School, associate vice president for development at the Kansas State University Foundation, vice president for institutional advancement at Kansas Wesleyan University, and, finally, president and executive director of the Greater Salina Community Foundation.

Bill’s wife, Annie, said his career started working alongside her for community corrections. She laughed that, while she’s still working there thirty years later (she’s now the director), Bill was always ready to diversify himself and try something new.

“He was a risk-taker, and never hesitated to try new things,” Annie said. “He always worked to better himself and the environment he was in, always learning something new in each organization.”

While Bill achieved great things in his career, Annie said his true love in life was his family, especially his two sons, Nick and Callum.
“They were everything to him, and, boy, he did everything he could to make sure everything was good for them,” Annie said. “He could be hard on them, especially on the playing field, but his true love was those kids.”

Bill made sure his boys were aware of the many good things happening around Salina, and he wanted them to be part of it.

“I don’t know an event we didn’t participate in,” said Annie. “It was important to him to develop the boys along with the things he saw as needs in our community.”

Bill always had a heart for causes that helped others improve their lives, especially youth. In the community, he coached many of his sons’ sports teams, served as a trustee for St. John’s Military School, and was on the endowment board for Sacred Heart Jr./Sr. High School. That’s what inspired his family to establish a scholarship with the donations to his memorial fund. The Bill Grevas Memorial Scholarship at Sacred Heart Jr./Sr. High School will be awarded to an African American student involved in extracurricular activities, to encourage diversity in the Sacred Heart community,

“Sacred Heart was a big part of our children’s lives,” Annie said. “Bill was also the school’s first development officer and really liked it there. He certainly developed a desire to get funds and help those families who could really benefit from some assistance.”

She said Bill was at home in a crowd, noting his great sense of humor and ability to make everyone laugh. He knew how to walk into a room, scan the crowd, then accomplish whatever he needed to do, whether it was ask for money or just start a relationship with someone, which, in many cases turned into a lifelong friendship.

“We’re still hearing from people,” she said. “He developed these friendships from all over, and they still reach out to the boys and me on a regular basis. I praise Bill, because he developed all that himself.”

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