Our Future is Exciting: Quinton Cook

After college, scholarship recipient Quinton Cook plans to return home to Oberlin, Kansas, and open his own business. 

One look at Quinton Cook’s resume will tell you that he’s going places in life.

In addition to studying at North Central Kansas Technical College, Cook serves on his local EMS and fire department and operates his own lawn care service.

But, after college, Cook doesn’t plan to go very far…from his hometown of Oberlin, that is. In fact, he already has big plans open a much-needed diesel repair shop in the northwest Kansas community where he was born and raised.

“A lot of kids don’t really like coming back to the small towns, but I like that small-town hospitality,” says Cook. “Everybody’s willing to help everybody. If you ever need help, you can just make a phone call and have 20 people at your service.”

That hometown hospitality and helpful sprit inspired Cook’s plans to return home and open a diesel shop.

“It’s mostly for the farmers, because they have to drive an hour to the closest diesel shop right now,” says Cook. “I’ve been looking for reasons to come back to Oberlin to help out the community a little bit.”

He is well on his way, thanks to the support of generous donors who set up scholarships at the Greater Salina Community Foundation.

At the Decatur Community High School awards ceremony last May, Cook received 12 different scholarships, three of which were awarded through GSCF: the Betts Family Scholarship. the Glenn L. and Edna M. Mott Memorial Scholarship, and the Col. Delbert Townsend Scholarship. For Cook, the scholarships mean much more than financial aid for college.

“I was really overwhelmed with all the scholarships, and I know I probably got 95% of them because I told them I plan on coming back to Oberlin to open up a shop,” he says. “All the support that came from them knowing I’m coming back is helping me push myself forward to be able to do that.”

Cook aims to prove that you don’t always have to “go big places” to make a big impact.

“I hope I can help provide more revenue in Oberlin and show kids that you can come back to your hometown and help make improvements,” he says. “I’m really looking forward to coming back.”

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