Rob and Kelli Exline and Exline Inc.

Potential for Good

Rob & Kelli ExlineWhen Rob Exline was chairman of the Salina Area Chamber of Commerce in 1998, he heard about plans for a new community foundation from local attorney Pete Peterson. Exline was so inspired with the potential for good that a foundation could do, the company he heads became a founding donor.

“I learned what other communities in the area were doing and how a foundation could benefit Salina. I got excited about what it could mean to our community and wanted to help, so we were excited to be a founder,” he said.

Under Rob’s leadership aspresident and CEO, Exline Inc. made its first donation to the Greater Salina Community Foundation in 1999. Since that time, the company, as well as Rob and his wife Kelli, have supported the good works of many nonprofit organizations through their giving to the Foundation.

Rob recognizes the tremendous support his family and business have received during the long history of his business in Salina and the region. The Exline Inc. story unfolds next to the growth of Kansas, evolving from a one-man blacksmith operation in 1872 to a national company based in Salina today that manufactures, repairs and services machinery for the gas compression, power generation, industrial manufacturing, and plastics and rubber compounding industries.

“The community support has played a significant role in our ability to be successful,” Rob said. “The roots, the employees we’ve been blessed with over the years — it’s an amazing community and we feel very grateful.”

Another way Exline Inc. expresses its appreciation is through annual contributions to a Donor Advised Fund named The Exline Employee Charitable Fund. Proceeds from the fund are distributed to organizations selected by Exline Inc. employees. At its annual holiday party, the company announces its fund contribution and employees reveal which nonprofit organization they have selected to benefit. Rob said, “Employees have social concerns like the Ashby House and OCCK. Each year, the fund will build and down the road, employees will have more to distribute each year. It helps employees feel proud that the company is supporting their hometown as they decide where some of the company money goes.”

Rob and Kelli expressed gratitude to the Salina community for its support of their family and business. “We both feel the same way,” Kelli said. “It’s important to leave something, to give back to the community that has been so kind to us.”

One way they will return the kindness is with a Fund for the Future the couple set up to support arts organizations and other nonprofits in Salina that add to the city’s quality of life. “We feel you can make a difference in a community this size that has been so great for our family and our business,” Kelli said. “Salina has maintained a small-town feeling while offering things that larger cities do.”

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