Sunflower Softball Fund

What do the funds support?

The Sunflower Softball Fund offers an opportunity to youth who want to enjoy softball but are limited by a lack of funds. Grants are awarded to individual players or teams who play in a local league in Saline County, KS or for a Saline County high school who might otherwise not be able to participate in softball due to limited financial resources.

Grants may be made to support, but are not limited to:

  • registration fees
  • uniforms
  • equipment

Who's eligible to apply?

  • Players that have limited financial resources and qualify for free or reduced lunches or extenuating circumstances.
  • A parent or guardian must apply on behalf of the child
  • All grant checks are made payable to the coach on behalf of the child

Preference is given to individual players. If you are a coach applying on behalf of your entire team, please contact the Foundation before applying.

Grants are distributed on a first come-first served basis. 


Contact Jessica Fuller, Director of Grants and Scholarships