Women Helping Women

Have you ever wanted to be someone’s Fairy Godmother? Now you can!

Women Helping Women is a way for women to support other women who are struggling and may be in crisis. Through an application process, women who need emergency assistance for things that are not readily available in our community can receive help from the fund. Examples might be car repair, dental care, air conditioning or plumbing repair, short term assistance with child care or a host of other possible needs.

Need Assistance?
Grant applications are accepted two weeks prior to each of the following deadlines: July 5, September 5, November 5, January 5, March 5, May 5. To apply for assistance contact one of our Partner Agencies.

Fairy Godmothers

Contributors of $500 or more to the Women Helping Women endowment offer permanent support to women in crisis and are forever recognized as Fairy Godmothers. Click here to learn how to become a Fairy Godmother.

Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Donor
Dr. Leslie Ablard
Joni Alberts-Plumer
Jan Albrecht
Pam Allen
Mary Andersen
Marcia Anderson
Phyllis Anderson
Shirley Andrews
Donice Applequist
Achterberg Angell & Craft, LLC
Brenda Ascher
Monica Bachamp
Kathleen Barrett-Jones
Maryellen Batt
Mary Berkley
Margaret Bihlmaier
Karen Black
Mary Kerr Blackwell
Blue Beacon International
Marlene Bonilla
Rosie Brungardt
Jo Buchanan
Connie Burket
Cheryl Campbell
Mollie Carter
Lucy Ermine Cathcart
Ruth Cathcart-Rake
Nancy Chandler
Stacy Clark
Clark, Mize & Linville, Chtd.
Sue Cline
Angie Coble
Stephanie Cool
Leslie Corbett
Catherine Craft
Julia Crawford
Kaye Crawford
Nikki Currie
Darwin & Delma Sampson Fund
Mindi Davidson
Rita Deister
Kathleen Depperschmidt
Cheryl Deturk
Debbie Divine
Liz Duckers
Lou Ann Dunn
Karen Ebert
Cynthia Eckert-McCoy
Leadell Ediger
Judith Edmands
Jane Eilers
Lara Frazier
Paula Fried
Kathleen Frisbie
Yvonne Gibbons
Ashley Gilpin
Barbara Goode
Mandi Graber
Marilyn Green
Judy Hannebaum
Melody Hardman
Teri Harrington
Karen Hauser
Jane Hazelwood
Susan Hellmer
Amy Berkley Hemmer
Brenda Hemmer
Helen Henry
Julie Hess
Melissa Rose Hodges
Carolyn Hofer
Sue Holmes 
Horejsi Charitable Foundation
Tamara Howe
Anita Huntley
Fran Hutchinson
Debbie Jensen
Colleen Jewell
Dana Johnson
Janet Johnson
Leslie Ann Johnson
Carolee Jones
Karla Jones
Susan Jordan
Carol Junk
KC & G Business Appraisal Associaties, Inc.
Mary Kearns
Kennedy Berkley Yarnevich & Williamson, Chtd.
Mary Kindlesparger
Phyll Klima
Marcia Klingzell
Stephanie Klingzell Carlin
Barbara Knight
Linda Lakes
Audrey Lee
Willow Leenders
Patricia Lertora
Rachel Loersch
Adrienne Mammen
Mona Marrs
Debra Marseline
Matrix Electronic Measuring, Inc.
Catherine McDonald
Gina McDonald
Pam McIntyre
McKenna Law Office, P.A.
Mary Lou McKenzie
Dorothy McMillen
Jane McMillen
Madeline McMillen
LaNay Meier
Amanda Michaelis
Donita Michaelsen
Beth Miller
Carolee Miner
Kimberly Moeller
Sharon Montague
Ellen Morgan
Dr. Natalie Morgan
Julie Moore
Sallie Morrison
Cheryl Murray
Patricia Murray
Delanie Myers
Dianne Neustrom
New Horizons Dental Care, PA
Janice Norlin
Martha Oakes
OCCK, Inc.
Michelle Orr
Elly Ostlind
Lori Parriott
Ann Payne
Lisa Peters
DuAnn Peterson
Nicole Peterson
Rita Peterson
Phyllis Pickel
Meg Allison Pivonka
Preceptor Delta Xi
JoAnn Puls
Shannon Rayl
Cynthia Reed
Carvel Reinsch
Toni Renfro
Martha Rhea
Natasha Rice
Kate Richards
Alison Riekof
Kathleen Robbins
Bernece Rohleder
Katie Roper
Gayle Rose
Marcy Roth
Abbey Rupe
Lynne Ryan
Linda Salem
Salina Charities League, Inc.
Salina Endodontics, LLC
Salina Regional Health Center
Salina Regional Health Foundation
Salina Youth Care Home Foundation
Saline CountyHealth Department Staff
Bonnie Sanderson
Mary Alice Sauer
Debra Schmid
Joyce Schroeder
Nada Schroeder
Chris Seitz
Rita Shaffer
Carol Ann Sloo
Joy Smith
Linda L. Smith
Smoky Hill Association of Social Workers
Cindy Snavely
Sydney Soderberg
Jenny Stack
Wendy Stein
Constance Stevens
Amy Stonebraker
Jo Ann Stoskoph
Brenda Stoss
Marie Stoss
Sarah Stoss
Deborah Strong
Jennifer Sturges
Diana Tarver
Melanie Terrill
Delia Treffer
Robin Vandegrift
Donna Vanier
Juanita Van Winkle
Carol Viar
Irene Vieyra
Carolyn Walker
Dottie Wallace
Betsy Wearing
Susan Weis
Mary Sue Wells
Phyliss Werth
Arlene Westbrook
Kathryn White
Penni White
Paula Wright
Lynn Wuthnow
Margaret Yarnevich
You and Your Surroundings
Sara Young

Need Assistance?

Applications are accepted two weeks prior to each of the following deadlines: July 5, September 5, November 5, January 5, March 5, May 5.

To request assistance, click here to contact one of our partnering agencies!

Impacting Lives

"Dear Fairy Godmothers:
In 2011, I requested help to buy tires for my van so I could go to school. You granted my wish. In doing so, my dream will be coming true. Through much hard work and dedication along with some blessings, I will be graduating with honors from Kansas State University. I just wanted to say thank you again. Your donation made a huge impact not only in my life, but in the lives of my children." - Written by a WHW grant recipient