Funds for the Future

Funds for the Future provide an avenue of giving for donors who prefer to contribute gifts at the end of their lifetime.

Dana & Sue Anderson
Rose A. Anderson
Avatar Fellowship
Avatar Scholarship
Penny Beans Scholarship
Paul & JoAnn Berkley
Craig & Lorelle Boxler
Larry Britegam Family Fund
Dick & Joyce Brown
Timothy & Cynthia Buyse
Mike & Stephanie Carlin
W.F. & Ruth M. Cathcart-Rake
Michael R. & Brenda E. Cloutier
Dale K. & Beverly J. Cole
Allen R. Dodge
Linda L. Ellison
Paul D. Ellison
Robert & Kelli Exline
Rick & Janet Fisher
Jeff & Lynn Gillam
C. Dean & Betty C. Groves
Arlo R., Louise & Mark A. Gruenthal
John & Kristin Gunn
Randy D. & Lynda K. Hassler
Helping Hands
Matt & Brenda Hemmer
Tom & Maggie Hemmer
Harry J. & Ann Lee Jett
Phyllis M. Johnson
Elizabeth M. Keating
Marcia Klingzell
Lewis E. & Barbara J. Kollhoff
John A. Komarek
Russ Lamer Fund
Tamra Lamer Fund
Jack E. & Ann Ludwig
David W. Martin
Gayle & Jane McMillen
Mark L. & Julie Sager-Miller
Jake Mitchell
Stan & Sandra Mitchell
William E. & Kimberly Mowery III
Myrna Muir
Dennis & Martha Oakes
Brenda O’Gorman
Ann M. Parr
N.M. & Norma Jean Patton
Eep & Jane Peuchen
Peter L. & Rita E. Peterson
Robert J. & Karel A. Purdy
Steve & Joyce Roe
Rex S. & Carol L. Romeiser
Ramon W. & Glenda L. Schmidt
Warren K. & Margaret A. Schmidt
Robert & Lori Schrock Family
Douglas K. Schwan
Milo G. & Carol Ann Sloo
Boyd & Heather Smith
David E. & Linda L. Smith
Keith & Gloria Snow
Dan & Jenny Stack
Elizabeth, Harry, and McDowell Steele
Kenneth C. & Geraldine Stephenson
Constance J. Stevens
Swenson Trust Fund
Cheryl & Fred Tepe
Burton & Bonnie Thompson
Ronald & Kathleen Tremblay
Linda Tuller
Max G. & Myrna E. Van Horn
Jack & Donna Vanier Family Endowment
Keith Vestal
Charles G. & Elaine H. Waddle
Mike & Penny Walker
Trace E. & Cynthia A. Walker
Wallace N. Weber, M.D.
Bonnie Welty Fund
Bonnie Welty Scholarship Fund
James A. & Sherryl L. Zoltenko

[Note: These funds will not become active until the end of the donors’ lifetime.]

Paying it Forward


A family business since 1872, Exline, Inc. has been a supporter of the Community Foundation since day one. In 1999, it joined over 100 other Founding Donors to establish something good for Salina and its future. Since then, president and CEO, Rob Exline and his wife Kelli, have continued to support the good work of many nonprofit organizations through their giving at the Foundation.

Rob and Kelli attribute much of their success to the Salina community for its support of their family business and plan to pay it forward through a Fund for the Future the couple set up to support arts organizations and other Salina charities that add to the city’s quality of life.

“It is important to leave something, to give back to the community that has been so kind to us,” said Kelli. “We feel you can make a difference in a community this size that has been so great for our family and our business. Salina has maintained a small-town feeling, while offering things that larger cities do.”