L.P. "Pat" Mullen Fund

About the Fund

A self-taught engineer and inventor, L.P. "Pat" Mullen's legacy continues through his fund that supports youth education in Arts and Humanities, and Science, Technology and Invention.

In 2007 the Greater Salina Community Foundation was the recipient of the L.P. “Pat” Mullen estate. He was a life-long Salina native who valued innovation and education. According to his wishes, the Foundation established a field of interest fund to create grants for the education of youth in the areas of arts and humanities, technology, invention and science.

What do the funds support?

  • Hands-on learning opportunities for youth in the areas of arts and humanities, technology, invention, and science. 
    • Youth is defined as 0-18, high school age and under.
  • New programs or enhancement of existing programs

Who's eligible to apply?

  • Grants are limited to programs/projects that support youth in Saline County, KS.


Contact Jessica Fuller, Director of Grants and Scholarships