Women Helping Women Fund

Who's eligible to apply?

  • Grants are limited to women in Saline County.
  • Applicants must apply through a Partner Agency. The committee will not accept applications directly from individuals.
    • Click here  to contact one of our Partner Agencies to apply.
  • Partner Agency representatives are not personally eligible to receive funding from the Women Helping Women Fund.
  • Staff Members at partner agencies who are not involved in the WHW grant process may apply for funding, but they have to apply through a different partner agency.

What do the funds support?

The Women Helping Women Fund is a way for women to support other women who are struggling and may be in crisis.

  • Grants are intended to:
    • assist a woman resolving a crisis OR
    • help a woman with a singular "hand UP" to help her back on her path of independence and productivity

Examples include birth certificates, car repair, dental care, air conditioning or plumbing repair, or a host of other possible needs.

  • Grants are NOT intended to:
    • be used as a scholarship, hand out, payment of ongoing expenses, or other financial needs that fail or meet WHW's dual goals of crisis resolution  or a one-time hand UP

Women Helping Women will NOT fund ongoing expenses, attorney fees, or debt/services already rendered.


Contact Jessica Fuller, Director of Grants and Scholarships