YW Legacy Fund

About the Fund

The YW Legacy Fund was established in 2006 by the board members of the former YWCA of Salina with the intent that this fund will be used to annually provide grants to individuals and organizations who strive to make Salina a better place for women and their families. Assets from the sale of the YWCA building, and previously established endowments were combined to create the YW Legacy Fund. Other generous donors have also contributed to the fund.

What do the funds support?

The YW Legacy Fund supports initiatives that align with the mission of the former Salina YWCA and must address one or more of the following criteria:

  • Encourage women's growth, leadership and power in order to attain a common vision for peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all people
  • Help children attain their greatest potential
  • Create an environment to assist in the physical and mental health and wellbeing of women and their families
  • Pursue the elimination of racism wherever it exists

Who's eligible to apply?

  • 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizations, educational, government or religious institutions
  • Individuals or organizations that do not fall into one of the above institutions are encouraged to partner with a fiscal agent in one of those categories.
    • If that is not possible, please contact the community foundation to see if your project still qualifies and if there are additional reporting requirements.
  • Grants are limited to projects or programs that benefit the community of Saline County, KS.

YW Legacy Fund

YW Legacy Fund

The YW Legacy Fund makes grants in line with the former mission of the Salina YWCA. The fund was established in 2006 with assets from the sale of the YWCA building, an endowment for the YWCA, and funds previously established for the YWCA at GSCF.

"The grants make us feel like the YWCA still exists in the community," said former chair, Sydney Soderberg.


Contact Jessica Fuller, Director of Grants and Scholarships